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Since starting Marketing Breeze, I’ve been posting tips for MSPs and MSP technology vendors around marketing through my (Michael Breeze) LinkedIn and the Marketing Breeze channel. So that you can view them all in one place I’ve created this blog of my MSP marketing tips and another for marketing tips for MSP technology marketing is coming soon.

It’s by no means all my thoughts. I gather content from multiple sources within the technology industry and beyond. I invest a lot of time and effort in learning and finding new ideas to improve marketing. Hopefully, the time I’ve invested saves you and provides inspiration and best practice to help make your MSP marketing great. 

All the sources of the tips are referenced with links to articles, videos etc., for you to check out. Do let me know if it’s helpful and if you’d like to suggest a tip just message me through LinkedIn.


Tips for MSP marketing

Tip #1 (Email)

This is a 26-word email. Within it there are 11 opportunities to make the email more ‘you’. While the specific copy/tone might not work for you, next time you write a marketing email that only you could write, start here.

Source: Joe Glover from The Marketing Meetup

Tip #2 (Skills)

What does a 2021 marketing team look like? While there’s no one right marketing team structure for every company, data shows growing (and unsurprising) demand for digital marketers. Mary Ellen Slayter (she/her), CEO of Rep Cap and Managing Editor magazine, says it looks something like this:

✔️ The brand strategist
✔️ The content creator & distributor
✔️ The connector & community manager
✔️ The performance marketer
✔️ The technology/automation specialist

Check out other suggestions in this article.

Source: Camille Trent from MarketerHire


Tip #3 (Social)


We are all exposed to more content than ever before. ?

? On average we see 4,000 advertising messages a day

 ? In 2020 the average internet user is a member of 8.5 networks

 ? 700 million active LinkedIn users

Check what colours your brand is using and how they are perceived in the image below.

Consider using emojis as the example shown below increased engagement by over a third.

Source: Katy Leeson from Social Chain

The full presentation on hacking social media algorithms using psychology is available to watch here –

Tip #4 (Social)


Planning your social media strategy? Check out this on #hashtags for days of the week. Then decide if this is:






I try not to work at weekends. Here is the link – 

Source: Vision Creative

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